duminică, 10 mai 2009

10 mai ..2009

You lied when you said that you love me
Forgotton love in your distant memory
I thought the fire we shared would last forever
For there's still passion in my soul
And I said to you

I yi yi I'm not your one night lover
I yi yi if you wish you could have it
5-4-3-2-1 but not me cause this is serious

I'm not your one night lover
You want to let me down but you`r not sure how to do it
I remember you called me every day, whatever near or far
I really thought deep down I was your shinning star
Everything was beautiful, full of modern miracle

Si cred ca videoclipul si versurile explica ziua asta... 10 mai 2009!
acum a ramas doar o zi normala..nu am dormit`o in totalitate dar am uitat`o in totalitate! si pe tine..mr D.

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